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    Top Recommended Sunscreens for Your Skin

    Last updated 3 hours 33 minutes ago

    When spending time in the sun, it is extremely important to protect your skin with sunscreen. About 20 minutes before going outside, you should apply your sunscreen and reapply it every 2 hours.

    Look for sunscreens with an SPF factor of at least 30 to get the best protection. Check out this video to learn more about keeping your skin protected with the right kind of sunscreen.

    Come to Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery to get the skin cancer screenings you need to make sure your there are no issues. Our dermatologists can also help you reverse the signs of aging with laser skin treatments. To learn more about our services or to find the location nearest you, visit us online or call (866) 608-9531.

    What Is Eczema?

    Last updated 1 day 7 hours ago

    A lot of people use the term “eczema” to describe a variety of skin conditions. In actuality, it refers to a condition called atopic dermatitis, which is a rash that is usually hereditary and causes itchiness and bumps.

    Eczema tends to start at a young age and it is often associated with hay fever and asthma. Check out this video to learn more about eczema and the symptoms it causes.

    If you think you have eczema or another skin condition, schedule an appointment with Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. With some of the best cosmetic dermatologists in Florida, we can help you diagnose and treat your skin conditions. To learn more, visit us online or call (866) 608-9531.

    "VERY professional staff the outcomes of whose work has amazed me:"

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Dr. Jere Mammino has been my dermatologist for over 15 years. The number of years itself speaks for the excellent care I have received and continue to receive in his and his staff's care. I survived (key word) two other dermatologists when I first began having skin problems and found them both unskilled and profit-oriented. In Dr. Mammino's... More
    Thomas O. Morgan, Ph.D.

    Determining Your Skin Type

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Knowing your skin type is an important element of properly caring for your skin. Use this guide to help you determine your skin type so you can start to cater your care routine to your skin’s unique needs:

    Combination Skin

    If you have trouble keeping your forehead, nose, and chin clear and free from breakouts, you probably have combination skin. Combination skin often has more oil in these areas, while other parts of the face, like the temples, the eyes, and the cheeks stay really dry. You might also notice that your skin changes with the weather.

    Oily Skin

    People who have shine over the entire face are dealing with oily skin. Oily skin keeps pores clogged, which increases the risk for blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and zits. If you have oily skin, it is important to use skincare products that will not increase the amount of oil on your face.

    Normal Skin

    If your complexion stays pretty balanced and you almost never get pimples or other forms of acne, you most likely have normal skin. If your skin is normal, it finds the perfect balance between oil and dryness so you can put your best face forward without much effort.

    Dry Skin

    If your skin is full of red patches or eczema, you are probably dealing with dry skin. This might cause your face to feel tight or rough, especially later in the day. Even if you apply moisturizer, your skin might never feel hydrated. If you have dry skin, you should talk to your dermatologist about the right kind of products for your needs.

    Come to Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic surgery for access to some of the best dermatologists in all of Florida. Our doctors know what it takes to help you get beautiful, healthy skin. For more information on our cosmetic dermatology services or to find the Florida location nearest you, visit us online or call (866) 608-9531. 

    Teen Acne: Signs It's Time to Visit a Dermatologist

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Many teenagers struggle with acne. Acne breakouts can make an already awkward time of life even more uncomfortable. While some acne is normal, severe cases that require the attention of a medical professional can occur. If you notice any of the following signs, it is time to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to start getting the necessary treatment to reduce acne symptoms:

    The acne is getting out of control

    A few pimples are normal during adolescent years. If you or your teen is suffering from severe acne, though, it might be time to get some professional help. Severe acne often causes pimples or blemishes all across the face, the shoulders, and even the back. If there are more than a few pimples and simply washing the face and body does not seem to help, a dermatologist can help find a more serious treatment that gets results.

    Non-prescription medication is not helping

    In most cases of teen acne, over-the-counter medication will help decrease pimples, blemishes, and red spots. If these simple remedies are not helping, however, visiting the dermatologist gives you a chance to get a prescription for a stronger medication that should help.

    The acne is a side effect

    Sometimes acne develops as a result of certain medications. If you notice that your acne was a side effect of a prescription you are taking, it is important to consult with a dermatologist. He or she can either find a way to work around the acne or decide on alternative medication treatment that will not come with the same side effects.

    The acne is causing scars

    If the acne is severe enough to leave permanent markings, it is time to get some medical attention. The dermatologist can find a way to control future breakouts and help reduce the appearance of the scars.

    If you or your teen is suffering with acne, Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery can help. Our skin care doctors are here to offer you the treatments you need to get healthier, more attractive skin. To learn more about our services or our 50 Florida locations, visit us online or call (866) 608-9531.

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