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Preparing for Your Sclerotherapy Appointment

If you have spider veins or varicose veins, then your dermatologist may recommend sclerotherapy. During this procedure, your dermatologist will inject a solution into the affected veins to cause them to collapse. As these veins collapse, the blood flow is automatically rerouted to other veins. The procedure only takes about 15 to 30 minutes and only causes minor discomfort and cramping. If you have decided to try sclerotherapy for your veins, here are some tips for getting ready for your appointment.

Review Your Medical History

Sclerotherapy is safe for the vast majority of patients, but talk to your dermatologist about your medical history before undergoing treatment. In some cases, cardiovascular conditions and chronic health conditions that interfere with healing could impact your sclerotherapy, so it is important for your dermatologist to know as much as possible before your session starts.

Adjust Your Medications

Before treatment, your dermatologist may ask you to avoid certain medications, including some prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, and herbal therapies. Keep in mind that you should never stop a prescribed medication unless specifically told to by your doctor. Before treatment, avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen, which can increase the risk of excessive bleeding. Tylenol is generally considered to be safe, but ask your dermatologist first. You should also avoid putting lotion on your legs before your treatment.

Get Compression Stockings

Your dermatologist is likely to recommend that you wear compression stockings for a period of time after your treatment to compress the blood vessels that were treated. Note that compression hosiery is not the same as stockings and socks you wear on a regular basis. Rather, you must purchase them from a drug store or medical supply company, and they should be rated as light or heavy compression. Ideally, you should bring the stockings with you to your appointment so that you can put them on right away.

Varicose veins and spider veins can make you feel self-conscious about showing your legs, but sclerotherapy can help. Make an appointment with a dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery today by calling (866) 400-3376 to find out more.


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