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What to Expect When You Have Mohs Surgery

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Mohs surgery is considered the gold standard of skin cancer treatments. It is highly effective, with a stellar cure rate. It's also a skin-sparing, tissue-sparing surgery, which improves patients' recovery and mitigates unwelcome cosmetic effects. If you're looking ahead to Mohs surgery, you should know what to expect.

Getting Ready for Mohs Surgery
Before any sort of medical procedure, you'll need to discuss your medical history with the doctor. Your dermatologist might ask you to temporarily discontinue certain medications and supplements. You should also have wound ointment on hand for your recovery—the doctor may recommend a specific type.

Going to the Clinic
Mohs surgery doesn't require general anesthesia. Unless otherwise directed, you should eat and drink as you normally would. Wear comfortable, loosely fitting clothing. You may be at the clinic for quite a while, and you might not need to change into a hospital gown. Bring a book if you wish, and ask someone to go with you. It's wise to have someone else drive you home afterward.

Having the Procedure
At the clinic, the area of skin will be carefully cleansed and marked. You'll have local anesthesia, so you won't feel any pain. The dermatologist will then remove the visible cancerous growth. He or she will take off a very thin layer of underlying tissue. The excised skin will be a little larger than the tumor. You'll have a bandage placed on the area, and you'll wait for the tissue to be examined in the lab. The excision doesn't take long, but the analysis may take an hour or so. If the lab analysis reveals more cancer, you'll have another excision, followed by another wait for the lab analysis. This process will continue until the doctor no longer sees cancer in the tissue samples.

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