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The Patient's Guide to Skin Growths

Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it's exposed to everything from dirt and pollution to sweat and bacteria. As such, it's no surprise that a long list of skin growths can occur throughout life. Some skin growths are simply annoyances, while others can represent serious conditions that require the attention of a dermatologist. Here is a look at some common forms of skin growths and how they are treated.


Cysts are sacs that grow under your skin and are filled with sebaceous fluid, skin cells, air, and other substances. Although cysts themselves aren't dangerous, they can become infected and turn into abscesses, which can be serious. Even when they are not infected, cysts can be tender and uncomfortable. Some cysts simply go away on their own, but if you have a large, tender, or persistent cyst, see your dermatologist to find out if it requires treatment.


Moles are concentrated areas of pigment that appear as skin lesions. In the majority of cases, moles are not serious, but they can also indicate skin cancer. See your dermatologist for regular mole checks, and call your doctor if you develop a new mole or if a mole you currently have changes color, size, or shape. Skin cancer treatment is most effective when it is provided early in the course of the disease, so don't delay getting a suspicious mole checked.


Lipomas are overgrowths of fat cells that sit below the surface of the skin. They are not painful but usually feel like dough or rubber when pressed. Although anyone can develop a lipoma, they are most commonly seen in older adults. Lipomas can grow large in size, so if you develop one, have it evaluated by your dermatologist.

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