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Body & Facial Cleansers


10/2 Cleanser | Price: $17.00

This specially-formulated, oily skin acne cleanser delivers 10% ultra pure glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid for gently cleansing acne prone skin. This wonderful acne face wash can also works as a body cleanser.

The 10/2 Cleanser product requires a prescription. Please schedule an appointment by calling 866-400-DERM (3376).


5/2 Cleanser | Price: $15.00

This specially-formulated oily skin acne cleanser delivers 5% ultra pure glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid for gently cleansing acne prone skin. This wonderful acne cleanser can also be used as a body wash. Purchase 5/2 Cleanser online.


Antioxidant Infused Foamy Cleanser | Price: $24.00

This foaming face cleanser is ideal for everyday cleansing for those with normal to oily skin types. A foaming face wash with a special antioxidant formula of green tea, caffeine, citrus extracts, and cucumber to gently clean, nourish and restore. The result? healthier, more radiant looking skin. Purchase Antioxidant Infused Foamy Cleanser online.


Antioxidant Infused Gentle Cleanser | Price: $24.00

The gentle skin cleanser is a rich, soap-free formula designed to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin without drying. It is a foaming face wash that has an antioxidant formula containing a blend of liposomal vitamins A, C, E, Green Tea and White Tea Polyphenols and is perfect for normal to dry and sensitive skin types. Purchase Antioxidant Infused Gentle Cleanser online.


BP 5% Cleanser | Price: $13.00

This wash is a great facial cleanser for acne prone skin. It is a special, soap-free formula, fortified with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide for anti-bacterial protection. Will leave your face feeling fresh and clean. Purchase BP 5% Cleanser online.


Scalp and Body Shampoo | Price: $22.00

A therapeutically formulated shampoo containing 10% Glycolic Acid, pH balanced to help normalize damaged scalp conditions caused by chemicals and the environment. When used regularly, it can reduce itchiness and help prevent hair damage. It's soft and latherable and can even double as a total body cleanser. Purchase Scalp and Body Shampoo online.


Smooth and Soft Body Conditioner | Price: $39.00

This body scrub is specially formulated to deliver a soothing wave of heat as it gently removes dry dead skin cells, excess oils and residue to reveal healthier, younger looking skin. Fortified with green tea and bamboo, this body polish product is best used in the shower. Purchase Smooth and Soft Body Conditioner online.